George A. Pecoraro, PhD

Materials Scientist / Ceramic and Glass Expert


Ph.D. Materials Science, Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute, 1969
M.S. Ceramic Engineering, University of Illinois, 1963
B.S. Ceramic Engineering, University of Illinois, 1962


Authored or co-authored over 15 technical papers and peer reviewed articles concerning the properties and manufacture of glass


Holder of 20 U.S. patents and 60 foreign patents in the area of glass manufacturing and glass manufacturing equipment processes

Professional Affiliations
  • American Ceramic Society – Distinguished Fellow
  • National Science Foundation – University-Industry Center for Glass Research – Past President
  • Keramos
  • International Code Council – Structural Committee

Dr. Pecoraro was employed for over 40 years as a Research Scientist at Glass Research Laboratory of a major manufacturer of plate, window, automotive and residential float glass, as well as fiberglass. He was a major contributor to the development of the float glass manufacturing process and a glass melting process that utilizes ablation melting and continuous vacuum refining. He has developed specialty glass compositions to minimize manufacturing energy consumption while not sacrificing end use performance in commercial buildings, residences and automobiles.

Since his retirement, Dr. Pecoraro has consulted for several international glass manufacturers, as well as provided expert witness opinions and testimony in numerous situations involving injuries due to glass product liability issues, strength, and breakage.

He is expert in spontaneous glass breakage from NiS stones, glass forensics, residual stress analysis and fractology analysis, glass injury issues, product liability for glass doors, glass shower enclosures, glass storm doors, vases, building codes, ASTM / ANSI standards, glass quality issues, glass strength measurement, Ring-on-Ring and 4 point strength testing, ballistics testing, and the use of strain gauges.

A current CV is available on request.