Our Experts

Edward P. Battle, PE

Electrical Engineer

Lawrence H. Block, PhD

Pharmacist and Pharmaceutical Scientist

Dennis Clark, PE

Mining and Blasting Engineer

Kenneth K. Eltschlager

Explosives and Blasting Consultant

Robert Fleischman, PE

HVAC, Plumbing and Building Systems Engineer

Thomas "Tim" Haslett, PE, PLS

Roadway Design, Construction and Maintenance

Douglas Jeter, PE

Workplace Safety and Material Science Consultant

David W. Kassekert, PE

Mechanical Engineer / Accident Reconstruction

Stephen J. Krizan

Certified Heavy Truck Operator and Mechanic Instructor

Joseph L. Micikas, PE

Civil / Structural Engineer

Robert T. Stevens, Jr., AIA, NCARB

Registered Professional Architect

Al Vangura, Jr., CPSI

Forensic Biomechanics

Debra Waller, PE

Fire Protection Engineer